Your third choice has just arrived.

1. Cost effective mail order lab?

2. High quality local dental lab?

3. Now you can have both!

AmericaSmiles Network labs finally give you both!

We partner with the best local talent and combine it with our centralized milling to provide you the best value in dental technology.

The Best Local Talent

We partner with the best local labs in the nation to bring you that extra attention to detail. Our centralized milling center provides the initial product, while:

  • Communication
  • Model Work
  • Case Design
  • Final Fit
  • Final Contouring
  • Final Shading
  • Final Quality Control

Are all provided by the local AmericaSmiles Network Lab Guaranteeing you receive a Premium Quality Lab Fabricated Restoration

Centralized Milling

Over 200 Network Lab Members are also owners of our centralized Milling and Manufacturing facilities.

The Milling Center features state of the art manufacturing ensuring superior fits

Our FDA Cleared Zirconia Plant uses the highest grade zirconia available in the world ensuring only the purest zirconia is placed in your patient’s mouth.

Finally, the direct benefits to you, the dentist

Premium quality dental restorations.

Direct communication with the local lab.

The best value in dental technology.

Meet your local AMS Lab now

Enter the access code provided on your postcard to claim your offers and meet your local AmericaSmiles lab member:


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